I Just Can’t Find The Words

I’m fairly sure there’s a news article hiding somewhere on this page. See if you can find it.


Yeah, I struggled, too.

If you’re an advertiser, you should be starting to get worried about services like Readability that strips out all your expensive stuff, and leaves, simply:


… or Clearly, which spits out


…or Instapaper, which delivers


or Pocket, which shows:


Advertisers, how about pressuring your news sites to give your advertising due prominence – as part of a useful design which doesn’t need major renovations to simply be readable. Someone might actually see your ads.

TV Crossovers I’d Like To See – Director’s Cut

image After a couple of days of twitterage under the hashtag #tvcrossoversidliketosee, I and others thought the following show ideas deserved some fleshing out. Your contributions welcome in the Comments.

Bear Grylls In The Big Blue House
A real-life survival series where our hero survives on wits and gnats, until he’s sniffed out of hiding by an oversized orange muppet.

Dharma and Gregory House
This week, hilarity ensues when a diagnosis of terminal lupus turns out to all be in our heroine’s head.

So You Think You Can Dance Like A Fifth Grader
Our contestant’s dancing skills are rated and ridiculed by a panel of insufferably precocious 10 year olds.

Glee’s Anatomy
Hospital life is set to showtunes, mainly so advertising copywriters can unleash a series of increasingly irritating puns like ‘singing your heart out’ and ‘break a leg’

Jamie Oliver In The Night Garden
This week – Makka Pakka’s Pukka Rocky Road

Two and a Half Mentalists
Life is tough for Penn and Teller and the vicitim of one of their failed ‘sawing a woman in half’ tricks.

Lost Betty
This week’s cover: Grass Skirts And The Losers Who Love Them

Survivor: Cougar Town
Courtney Cox challenges potential suitors to increasingly contrived challenges until they vote her off

24 Rock
Jack Bauer might be the only one who can save NBC from itself. This week’s guest star; Conan O’Brien

Desperate Goodwives
Men suck SOOOO Much.

CSI: Ramsay Street
There’s Always A Clue.

Just Shoot Hannah Montana
‘Nuff said.

Spongebob Bebop
This week,  Patrick tracks down Plankton and claims his bounty, but somehow forgets to buy food again.

Trinny and Suzanna’s War On Everything
Everyone needs at least one chicken suit in their wardrobe.

That’s So Merlin
For some reason, Brotha’s predictin’ the future, wearin’ medieval clothes and talkin’ jive.

Buffy The Kitchen Nightmare
Stake and ****ing Chips

Spicks and Specks In The City
Panelists sit in a coffee shop and compare their scores.