The Goddamn ‘Suits’ Drinking Game

Grab your favourite beverage; this is the official Suits Goddamn Drinking Game for viewers at Château Bonwâg.

When Someone Says This…

  1. “Goddamn.” – one shot
    • Bonus shot if it’s weirdly awkward e.g. “You can goddamn pay for this coffee.”
  2. “What are you doing here?” – one shot
  3. “You have my word… / I promise you…” – one shot
  4. “What is this?” – one shot
  5. “If anyone asks…” – one shot
  6. “This conversation is over.” – two shots
  7. “Is that a threat?” – two shots
  8. “It didn’t come from me.” – two shots
  9. “Now, if you’ll excuse me…” – two shots
  10. “Sh*t the bed.” – two shots
  11. “You’re going to want to hear what I have to say.” – three shots

When This Happens…

  1. The first word of the scene is a character’s name – one shot
  2. A character hands someone a folder without explaining what is in it – one shot
  3. An elevator closes on someone – one shot
  4. Someone buttons or unbuttons their suit – one shot
  5. A judge allows a clear case of contempt in their courtroom, after pointing it out and warning against it – two shots
  6. Two characters meet on a rooftop with a CGI background – three shots
  7. The third time someone uses a movie reference in the same episode – three shots
  8. It’s raining in NYC – have a coffee (this never happens)