David was part of a global marketing operations team at CA Technologies, a software company serving some of the world’s biggest organisations, including banks, telecoms, airlines and governments in 45 countries.

His children describe his job as ‘playing with computers all day’. LinkedIn has details.

David was a regular contributor to The 98five Morning Cafe, a radio show discussing technology, cyberspace, social media, the importance of backups and passwords, and rabbiting on about how much simpler life was before the internet came along. Here’s one from the vault.

He helped start IBC, one of Australia’s first web development companies. He also built the popular Australian Christian Music website ‘ACM‘, and worked as a ‘code monkey’, product manager and marketing director for his own business developing intranets and online games.

He speaks and writes infrequently on issues of technology, and how humans and robots should work together.

For more information about David, see the ‘About’ page.

A marketing operations expert by day, muso/journo/geekdad by night, who just wants robots and humans to get along

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