BONWAG is maintained by me, David Cook, as a clearing house for personal, professional and family news.

Having been established in 1994, it has seen many revisions. This latest version is built with WordPress.

David was born at an early age… (snkkt. teehee. …I’ll start again.)

David was born at St. George’s Hospital, Kogarah, in Sydney’s South and soon after learnt things at St. John’s Primary, Campbelltown and Hurlstone Agricultural High School. At Hurlstone, he mustered sheep, milked cows, received the cane, was a member of the student council, performed in musicals and somehow managed to pass the HSC. He was also part of the ska group ‘The Lofas’ which won Channel 9’s ‘Battle Of The Bands’ in 1988 and then performed – under-age – in select Sydney drinking-holes. He also trod the boards as a member of the Campbelltown Theatre Group.

For pocket money, David found himself working at Dick Smith Electronics and McDonald’s Campbelltown. For a brief while, he even did some telemarketing, and tinkered with computer game development.

In a decisive career move, he went on to sell light globes, never expecting to be accepted for an Arts degree in Communications at the University of Western Sydney. After a few successful stabs at Creative Writing, and after a music tour to Perth in 1989, He moved there in April 1990 to be part of the news room at Sonshine fm.

A further radio appointment at 98FM Geraldton in mid-1992 was significant in two ways: one; David realised that trying to keep a straight face behind a news mike wasn’t worth the effort, and two; David realised he was going to spend the rest of his life with Ainslie. When Ainslie accepted a teaching post back in Perth in 1993, David talked his way back into Sonshine fm, this time as an announcer.

David and Ainslie were married – when they could afford it – in March, 1994.

While talking on air, David rediscovered computers and the Internet in late ’94, and decided to resume computing studies in order to get a ride on the Internet wave. After 7 months of full-time work and full-time study he landed a job in training and support with BP Computer Group. Caleb was born, and in 1995, David helped start the Internet Business Center, one of the first Australian specialist web development houses. Allanah arrived, then Charlotte, and in 1998, David became part of the crack ‘Internet Solutions Group (back when that sort of thing was still cool) with Platinum Technology, which later become Computer Associates, then CA Technologies, Then Broadcom. After a stint serving as a Product Manager, and Marketing Director, he joined Global Business Operations. During that time, Sebastian arrived on the scene.

He completed his Executive MBA at UWA in 2015 with the help and support of his long-suffering wife, their four children, his Pebble smartwatch and his iPad.

His Myers Briggs Profile is eNTj (also), and his Enneagram is Type 6

His Elvish Name is ‘Elrohir Vardamir’ and his hobbit name is ‘Drogo Moss of Lake-by-Downs’

He is keenly interested in Music and Technology.

He enjoys writing in the third person, and breaking the fourth wall.