The 80s are New Again

For no real reason, I’ve updated the 80s pages to make a little more sense.
UPDATE: Seeing as ‘Sussudio’ has copped a few mentions in the comments, here’s a link to a few anecdotes about its heritage.

5 thoughts on “The 80s are New Again

  1. What does “Sussudio” mean, it is a girls name from the Phil Collins song of the same name that was big in the 80s, (thats how I found this page) but I have yet to find a link to Sussudio that is not Phil Collins based. Anybody out there got any ideas?
    “Have you tried getting the name you want from Hotmail these days?”

  2. Heh; I’ve often wondered myself. I found a reference to it at In The 80s (which has a lot of other 80s info on it too; I’ll have to link to it on the 80s page.
    Aparrently, Sussudio is a made-up word, but the fact it’s capitalized on most of the lyric sheets I’ve seen suggests it’s a made-up *name*. But not even the most ardent Phil fan would call their daughter that, would they?

  3. Unknown to most mr Phil Collins’ songwriter (Irvine Mellor) has a speach impedement and was actually writing a song about an incident in the recording STUDIO. Whilst singing his song to Phil he accidentally said su-su-sussidio, Phil preferred this version and hitherto Sussudio was created.

  4. Su – Su – Sussudio , I’m told from the urban dictionary that it means : A girl that a guy thinks about all of the time, but can’t seem to get the girls attention or attraction back, Love interest that is very hard to obtain but is possibly attainable if he can get her to just stop and look his way for a minute.

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