ChatGPT Learns About Progressive Rock History

Another crisis of confidence from the bot; who does Phil Collins REALLY play drums for?

Also: I love it when the bot shows concern about my ethics.

Tech in Times of Trouble – Fires in Perth and WA

It looks like this week’s ‘Morning Cafe’ with Rod on the wireless was a timely one – lots of bushfires underway or likely to be caused by continuing hot weather in Perth and WA.

We spoke about some of the ways that technology can help you stay informed when trouble strikes, but the real trick is preparation: knowing who to trust for information, and what to do with it.

(More episodes here)

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Tech Cafe: Two For One Special


Two for the price of one today: today’s caffeine-enriched chat, and one we missed from a few weeks back about Parenting, that a few people have asked for.

Today, we had a more-rambling-than-usual conversation about what it takes to ‘get it out there’; publishing words, pictures and music online. Both Rod and I are bloggers from waaay back, but there are plenty of other new avenues to make yourself heard above the background noise of the internet. Please enjoy:

A few weeks ago, we also discussed ‘Parenting‘ (which we later followed up with ‘Family‘), and how technology has made it bother harder and easier to be a parent.

Special note: next week show is discussing ‘Rules for Technology’; and we’ve already started discussing what some good rules might be: feel free to join in!

Let’s Talk About Tech

Facebook logo
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I enjoyed catching up with Rod in a cafe earlier this week to have a chat about technology and The Facebook. I suspect there were listening devices in this particular cafe, because it appears the entire conversation has been recorded and posted online. I knew I should have checked my privacy settings.

It seems I enjoy the prospect of JD‘s morning coffee more than my privacy, so there’ll be more conversations each Wednesday morning at Sonshine fm – I’m a sucker for a cuppa. You can join by SMS or Phone or Facebook or any of a number of other avenues we’ll be discussing in coming weeks.

In The Zone

I’d forgotten how long an hour lasts on radio.
Good to be back in the radio studio today – after a 10 year break – with Rodney for the first edition of Tech Zone. I’ve put a writeup on the official site, and you might even be able to listen to it on-demand one day.
I went in there armed with bucketloads of interesting background information about blogging, but ended up getting distracted talking to Rod and other folk on talk-back.
You see, I’ve been spoilt for air-time since leaving the radio announcer gig. As part of my current work, I’m called on to deliver hour-long presentations (and longer), which are basically one-man shows. Or one man and his PowerPoint. That’s a solid hour of techno-speak.
Sometimes, it’s in person. Mostimes it’s a virtual presentation to a room of as many as a hundred people from around the world, which I normally do from home. Over the phone.
In the dead of night.
In my pyjamas.
So, when fronting up to the studio today, I was *well prepared*. I had facts and figures and press releases and backgrounders which I never got to talk about. In a conference call, it’s very rare to have an ad break. You seldom play the Newsboys. You don’t have news at the top of the hour.
I’m not disappointed; don’t get me wrong. I’d rather be over-prepared than under-prepared. (That’s the radio equivalent of showing up on stage in your underwear and forgetting your lines.) Very few people realise that in radio announcing, normally, you get to talk on-air for what – 3 minutes in a whole hour.
I’m actually privileged that Rod let me rabbit on for as long as I did. I’ll be more succinct next week. There are some cool topics coming up, so have a look, see if there’s one that interests you, and call up or email us with your perspective. It’ll be interesting to see what this enterprise turns out like.
And before you ask – no; I did not do today’s show in my pyjamas.
But I could. If I wanted to. Ah, technology.
UPDATE: April 2: The recording of the show is now available at the Sonshine FM website (link above).