I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day

… because, as good dads everywhere can attest, it’s a pain to have to dismantle all the mantling you’ve been managing in bits and pieces over the last few weeks.

A few nights ago, we had our own Epiphany: why not call on the old Norse customs?

In Norway and Sweden, Little Christmas Day refers to 13 January, twenty days after Christmas, and is regarded as the day when ornaments must be removed from Christmas trees and any leftover food must be eaten.

We proud Vikings will have none of this nonsense about having decorations packed away by January 6. As the song goes; later on we’ll conspire.

Five Long, Screechy Weeks

I’m sick of old politics, too; here, have a seed

It would have been nice to be rid of ‘old politics’, as Kevin promised, but at least we now have an election campaign behind us. It’s a decisive result which removes power from The Independents and puts it back with a political party that has some structural integrity and unarguable (if begrudging) electoral support.

If Kev had played the game, and not the man, with support from his team, he might have stood a chance, but a time in the wilderness will be good for Labor.

Let’s hope the country is still salvageable once Tony (and Tony’s replacement) have finished with it in a few years.

By then, my ears might have stopped ringing.

It’s On, But It’s Already Old

That didn’t take long. We’re only seconds into a new election campaign and Kevin Rudd is already reverting to Old Politics, even as he touts his New Way.

Says Kevin:

Tony Abbott has a different approach. He’ll bang on with the same negativity that we’re all sick of. He’s only got three word slogans because he doesn’t have the ticker to debate his real agenda.

It’s called Inoculation Theory: summarising and refuting your opponent’s arguments before they get to make them. It works if it’s done well, but if you’re going to throw in insults like ‘doesn’t have the ticker’, you’re not taking the high road. You just look asinine. This right here is exactly the sort of stuff people are sick of.

Also, to effectively rail against ‘three word slogans’, you’d do well to engage the treasury to do the math on your own slogan (‘A New Way’) or, maybe, just throwing it out there, forego one altogether.

If this is the voice of Kev’s New Politics, we have five long, screechy weeks ahead of us.

The Voice Australia ‘Drinking’ Game

Although there’s a perfectly good Voice Drinking Game out there – I thought I should share our household’s ‘Buzzword Bingo’ version.

Take a chocolate honeycomb any time someone:

  • …says something about a contestant ‘owning’ a song, or something about a contestant making a song their own
  • …advises other contestants in the competition to learn something from the most recent performance
  • …observes that they could see what a lacklustre contestant was ‘trying to do’
  • …a judge throws in a random word they found on a ‘word of the day’ website a few minutes earlier
  • …any judge estimates the quantity of ‘respect’ they have – extra points for ‘massive’

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