The Voice Australia ‘Drinking’ Game

Although there’s a perfectly good Voice Drinking Game out there – I thought I should share our household’s ‘Buzzword Bingo’ version.

Take a chocolate honeycomb any time someone:

  • …says something about a contestant ‘owning’ a song, or something about a contestant making a song their own
  • …advises other contestants in the competition to learn something from the most recent performance
  • …observes that they could see what a lacklustre contestant was ‘trying to do’
  • …a judge throws in a random word they found on a ‘word of the day’ website a few minutes earlier
  • …any judge estimates the quantity of ‘respect’ they have – extra points for ‘massive’

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CSI: The Fourth Wall

An actual quote from my CSI-Inspired crime-solving dream last night

You know, I hate to break the fourth wall, here, but it really gets on my nerves the way we’re using all sorts of forensic technology that may or may not actually exist. Does this bother anyone else here? Anyone?

And, later

Hold on, I’m wrong – that wasn’t the fourth wall. Probably more like wall 3.5.

(Waving hands around in the air) Hello, Audience!

Now that’s how you break the fourth wall, bitches.

(More info about The Fourth Wall, here)

Happy Birthday, BONWAG

Hey, it’s that time of year again, when we cut the virtual cake for BONWAG’s 18th birthday!I first started keeping tracks of Bits Of Net What Are Good back on November 5, 1994, and although Twitter and Facebook have taken the lion’s share of my attention in recent years, there’s still a place for opinionated rants and random thingery here.

Be sure that Facebook and Twitter will disappear, probably sooner than you’d think/like. I highly recommend establishing yourself with more open, more ownable properties like blogs, which were around before MySpace and Yahoo, and will be here long after the latest fad has passed.

And, as a special birthday treat, I’ve switched off the ads, permanently. How annoying were they?

How To Be Human

A guide for robots and aliens

Greetings! (Photo credit: JD Hancock)

Greetings, fellow sentient being. All too often, we humans are so quick to drag you before our leaders that we forget to school you in the fundamental activities all humans share. Here are some examples of the simple, straightforward activities you need to understand before attempting to exterminate and/or probe us.

How to wash your hands

How to tie your shoes

How to fold a t-shirt

How to fold a fitted sheet

How to open a door

What Of Facial Hair

As maturity encroaches upon adolescence, as the child becomes the man (or ugly woman) he (or she) begins to grow first the downy fuzz and, subsequently, the rich, wiry outcropping that has come to be called Beard.
It is no small coincidence that a great scribe or teller of tales is called by the similar word Bard.
Many an otherwise canny person has fallen upon troubled times by confusing these words.

For it is true that a Bard can have a Beard, but a Beard cannot have a Bard.
One can shave a Beard, and, for that matter, one can shave a Bard.
But having shaved a Beard, it no longer exists.
Whereas having shaved a Bard you continue to have a Bard.
A Beardless Bard.

“The Profit” – Kehlog Albran

I Just Can’t Find The Words

I’m fairly sure there’s a news article hiding somewhere on this page. See if you can find it.


Yeah, I struggled, too.

If you’re an advertiser, you should be starting to get worried about services like Readability that strips out all your expensive stuff, and leaves, simply:


… or Clearly, which spits out


…or Instapaper, which delivers


or Pocket, which shows:


Advertisers, how about pressuring your news sites to give your advertising due prominence – as part of a useful design which doesn’t need major renovations to simply be readable. Someone might actually see your ads.

Tech Cafe Now On iTunes

We’ve passed the Apple Approval process!

As we approach the first birthday of Tech Cafe 2.0, you can now access the archive of the conversations Rod and I have each week about technology issues on 98five – on the iTunes.

If you’re interested, please subscribe – and be sure to leave a rating or review!

Or, you could go direct to the source here

Or listen live

or hey, maybe, via FM Radio, each Wednesday at 11am Perth time.

UPDATE 13 Feb 13: Looks like some upgrades have broken most of the links. Stay tuned for fixes.

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