Bub Update

Once again… a while since the last post. Bub is not here yet, obviously a little too comfortable. News is that the new Cook house is underway (we’re building in the southern suburbs of Perth)… the concrete slab is down, and Caleb is keen to help the bricklayers.

Family News

Less than a week to go before bub number three arrives… stay tuned to the site for pictures and information as it comes to hand. This birth will NOT be broadcast on the net.


Just finished racing my fellow IBC-ites at Belmont Kart World and have a mouthful of rubber and fumes to show for it. Good, noisy, boy-type fun.
For the record, my best time was 22.67. Not fantastic, but as David McClung said: ‘gee, my car was slow…’.

Strange Days for Browsers

These are strange days: stats show that Netscape and Microsoft browsers have been accessing BONWAG equally: Netscape 48.85%, Microsoft 48.52%. Netscape’s free source code is copping a pasting in the press (lotsa bugs), while Microsoft is close to releasing Windows 98: possibly to the same effect.
Trust no one. Be a lert. Don’t use your computer for at least another 6 months until the dust settles.

The Honeymoon Is Over

Yep, I’ve reached the danger zone in this journal: that period after the first month where you don’t write anything for a while and when you come back to it, you have to fight against the urge to forget about the whole thing because you’ve already missed a whole month…
I’m on the road to recovery. This entry is the first step on the road…

Timezone Revisited

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a major Timezone (amusement centre), so long that I was joking with a friend that eventually they’ll have direct links into the credit system so you just present your Timezone Visa to the machine and it’ll either debit your account or ask if you’d like to arrange a loan for your evening’s entertainment. To my horror he presented a Timezone ‘swipe’ card: only one step away from that very idea! You can aparrently buy these cards and top up your credit as you need to. Scary stuff: Timezone credit cards.
Another idea: how long will it take for Timezone to network its franchises and offer games like a networked Doom where the guys in Perth can take on the guys in Sydney and Singapore? I can’t believe it hasn’t happened yet!

Free Admission

Yep: I’m willing to admit that I’m making the change from Netscape4 to IE4 for my daily browsing. It wasn’t an easy decision, but the factors that swung it for me are that IE4 is definitely faster (albeit once it has your system by the neck), and the ability for you to organise your Favouries a lot easier and quicker. (For example, if you’re an IE4 User, you can drag BONWAG Links directly into your favouries window: it’s about 2k away in Netscape to do the same thing!). I feel dirty, but I have a job to do.

Political Comment #1

It’s a shame that we don’t show the same respect for politicians while they are in office that we did when we first elected them there. In some cases, they do turn out to be duds once they’re in the job, but mostly, they’re all considered scum from the moment they take their first paycheck from our taxes. What posessed us to vote for them at all? Surely some voter had confidence in their abilities at some time?

The Baggage We Carry

I used to believe that stories of luggage going astray in air travel was an urban myth held aloft solely on the hot air of american comedians. Personal experience has enlightened me: personally having been deprived of luggage for the FIRST WEEK of a say in England, and with Ainslie (my wife) having hers go amiss during a changeover flight Perth->Armidale NSW, I stand corrected. My prediction is that soon, luggage will come with Global Positioning Sattelite equipment as standard.

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