Dave’s back, but Ainslie’s gone!

July 26: Sorry aboutt the delay in updating. I seem to have spent all my online time writing emails to the love of my life, instead of updating the page, so I’ll do that now.
Good news is; the trip was a success. The session I ran had a good number of people show up and show interest, which is what I’d hoped. The software I was talking about – Web CM is a good idea ahead of its time, so I’m glad to have been able to tell a few more people about it.
Also got some chances to visit Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and attend (from a distance) the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. That was great timing, eh what?
Got back to Australia to find Ainslie had left! No, don’t worry; I knew it was coming. :-) Ainslie was off to attend a conference in London before continuing her art history research in Rome and Florence.
It sounds like we’re such jetsetters, eh? Nah; it’s just that we managed to compress the whole thing into a single month. It’s not that exciting. Actually, I’m missing her a lot (snif), so I’m looking forward to posting an update on her return.
In the meantime, we’ve had school holidays in Perth, marred slightly by Allanah getting Chicken Pox for the last few days (and missing the first week of school). We’ve also had Nanna visiting on her way through to (and back from) Bali, so our little dance cards have been full!