A.I. : Seriously good marketing in action

May 3: In the last day or so, I’ve discovered an amazing ‘game’ which has popped up on the net to promote Steven Speilberg’s new movie, A.I. It’s actually a movie he took over from Stanley Kubrik, who died in 99, and who also knew a thing or two about clever marketing. Anyway, there’s a whole series of websites which have sprung up around the web, all set a few hundred years in the future. It’s all woven around a mystery about the death of a scientist, but the way it’s all unfolding is amazingly intricate. It’s take too long to explain it all here, so have a look at http://www.aintitcool.com, which is tracking all sorts of movie news (look it up), and the ‘game’ itself starts at http://JeanineSalla.com. It’s all really weird, but a great example of the ‘new media’ and how it can be used differently from paper.
UPDATE: May 3: Here’s an excellent beginner’s guide, and an investigation by the faithful