Dave’s Brakeslam Tour – Day One – Surfer’s Paradise

Wow. That’s great planning, Dave. Hitting Surfer’s Paradise just as ‘Schoolies’ starts. (Schoolies is the annual school leaver’s traditional party-fest. WA readers can substitute Rotto, US readers can substitute ‘Spring Break’). I might not stay in Surfers as long as I thought. Don’t want to get caught up in that kerfuffle.
I made sure to visit sections of the Indy race track which are just normal streets at the moment. (You know how I mentioned feeling sad about going to theme parks without the kids? I’m getting that feeling now: I wish the WRX was here to enjoy this.)
The only way I can describe Surfers is as a Vertical Las Vegas – presumably, that’s where it got the nickname Brisvegas. Real tall buildings, lots happening.
I’m getting lost. I wish I had a map, now.