Dave’s Brakeslam Tour – Day One – Coolangatta

If you look toward Surfer’s Paradise from Coolangatta, it looks like something out of Final Fantasy. As your eyes follow the hilly coastline north, the shoreline seems to disappear, and then a gaggle of skyscrapers poke into the sky, seemingly from from beyond the shoreline. It gives it a sort of ‘floating city’ effect. It’s an amazing sight.
One of the good things about not having a travel plan is that you (by definition) constantly surprise yourself. I had parked the car at random and gone for a quick walk, before realising I had stopped less than 100 meters from the border of New South Wales and Queensland. I couldn’t have planned it better. I was able to easily walk to a monument which marks the separation of the two states, which is just outside the ‘Twin Towns’ RSL. (‘Twin towns’ means Coolangatta turns into Tweed Heads once your cross the border, which is right down the middle of town. Weird. It looks like the RSL is actually in Tweed Heads/NSW, which is very likely a strategic decision.
You’ll notice I’ve done bugger-all research for this report .
I’m only mildly lost, now.