Dave’s Brakeslam Tour – Day One – Staypleton

You know what? I think the dodgy CDs/CD Player is a blessing in disguise. Over a couple of extended trips, I’ve realised that one great way of cementing a trip is to record a mental soundtrack.
Most people like to remember a trip by taking a lot of photos or video which help them re-call and re-live their adventures in the future. Sometimes, by accident, you might find a unique smell which you can associate with a certain location in the future.
I’m sure I’m not alone in discovering that music, especially pop music, can have the same effect. The song Clocks, for example, will always remind me of a trip to Las Vegas, where it seemed to be on quite high rotation in the sound systems there. “Smooth Criminal”, by Alien Ant Farm, will always remind me of September 11, because I remember it being performed a lot while I was in New York, then.
If I had taken all my old CDs, I’d be bringing a lot of home with me, and wouldn’t be creating that soundtrack which will help me remember where I was in the future. I’m going to listen to Hit Radio instead and see what I can find. It’s been a while. I’ve already discovered a lot of new music. I’ve also realised that Judith Lucy can actually be funny when she’s bouncing her lines off others. It’s a shame she attempts solo stand-up so often.
Breezed past Warner Brothers Movie World, Sea World, Wet and Wild and Dreamworld, which are closer to Brisbane than I thought. They don’t open for another hour, and then I’d have to spend a good part of the day there to justify the sixty dollar entry fee. I’ve learnt from Disneyland and Legoland that you just don’t visit kids places without your kids – you feel guilty the whole time. The Matrix exhibit at WBMW almost sucked me in, but I think I’ll use the time to explore Surfers’ or Coolangatta instead – for free.