It’s a Conspiracy, I Tells Ya

No sooner has Dad been showered with love and gifts and praised for all his noble traits, (it was Father’s Day last weekend in Australia) than someone sees fit to bring him back down to earth:

Dads sleep on as baby cries
Half of fathers either continue to doze or pretend to be asleep when their babies cry during the night, making many mothers resentful, a survey released today shows.

I find the suggestion shocking and appalling. It’s an outrage that someone should dare suggest such a thing.
Look at the publishers – “Mother and Baby Magazine”. Obviously the mothers are jealous of all the good press. You wouldn’t see a ‘Half Of All Mothers Can’t Kick A Footy To Save Their Life’ in May, would you?
Did anyone think that maybe those fathers mistook the noise for something else? Like cats fighting? Or a power tool somewhere? Yeah. A power tool. That’s it.
Sssh. Here she comes.