i knew this internet thing would catch on eventually

Have you noticed a strange blending of your online and offline social circles? Blame the Blog. I keep discovering old (Real World) friends with new online diaries. Mark has popped onto the blogosphere with the beautifully designed lowercase. Great to ‘see’ him again.
In many ways, you find out so much more about people through reading weblogs than the regular ‘itsgreatweatherheymate’ converations you seem to find scattered in hallways and elevators. I wish more of my friends blogged.

2 thoughts on “i knew this internet thing would catch on eventually

  1. thanks for the nice comments about my blogging efforts… all design kudos must go to baggas since he has devoted an enormous amount of time getting me going on our church site.
    you know, when i think about it, i reckon you were the first really whacko web geek i really met! (all meant positively, of course!) i remember you describing your web stuff and me thinking, “wow!” and, now, here i am, a fair old johnny come lately! :-)

  2. (grizzled 1890s prospector)
    I remember when we had to use dried up wood pulp and a stick of graphite to post our entries
    (/grizzled 1890s prospector)
    Glad I was able to plant the seed. My, what a lovely tree you’ve become!

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