Hurlstone’s War Cry: On The Air And In The Trenches

Get your school blazers and ties out. We’re calling Alan Jones and then marching on Parliament.
Sydneysiders might already be aware of a rally being promoted by Alan Jones against the ‘incompetence’ that culminated in the recent mini-budget (his comments on the topic are also here). Next Wednesday, everyone who feels passionately about the measures that the NSW Government is taking is being encouraged to be at State Parliament in person to request the resignation of the government. Jones says: “It’ll be a real test of how the public are to see how many people turn up in Macquarie Street’ (my italics :-) )
I guess we’re invited.
David Moore – a Hurlstone Old Boy with some weighty military, legal and political connections – will be talking with Alan Jones on Tuesday morning – should be an interesting listen. Ring up and have your say on talkback afterward – (suggestion: be clear and direct, decide your ONE angle and sell it in the first 10 seconds. You won’t get to make two points)
A team of organisers is being assembled and will be meeting to plan Hurlstone’s presence at the rally soon. (I wish I could be there in person, but distance precludes…) Let me know if you are interested and I can pass on your contact details to Adrian Alexander (1957-1961 Old Boy), who has taken on a leading role in this effort.

  • Remember that this is a peaceful march. (You can’t scream the government is out of control while waving a pitchfork in your hand. At least, not with any credibility.)
  • Wear your blazer and, if possible, your Centenary tie. It’ll help our people stand out if there is a big crowd, and help us recognise each other.
  • You could also try wearing one of these, if you get the joke. Or even if you don’t.
  • Bring a banner (maybe make some suggestions in the comments here) – ‘Don’t Desecrate Our War Memorial’, ‘Hurlstone is NOT for Sale’, ‘Please allow Hurlstone it’s second Centenary, Mr Rees’ – you know what’s in your heart…
  • The protest is focused on requesting the government to resign. You might want to enter into the spirit by drafting your own letter, in your own words, to hand over.
  • Senior students, it may be exam time, but you’re welcome and encouraged to be there and make your voices heard. What better way of leaving your legacy!

The team is also looking at other, grander ideas of getting the message across that Hurlstone is serious in its objection. (For example, not all of the people affected by the decision are people, if you catch my meaning. If you share a grand vision, sign up to the steering committee!)
Stay tuned for more information about when and where to meet up.

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