Save The Forest and the Farm By Killing Some Trees

If you are planning to write (on paper!) to your local member, some suggested wording and advice is provided in the FaceBook group devoted to Saving Hurlstone’s Memorial Forest (see the Bulletin Board)
But if you already know what you’re doing, a clear and concise pro-forma letter – describing the issue for the benefit of your local representative – has been drafted by Old Boy and experienced campaigner Steven Nethery. Thanks, Steve!
Incidentally, that FaceBook Group – established by concerned Old Girl Angela White on Friday – has already signed up over 500 members in just 3 days!

One thought on “Save The Forest and the Farm By Killing Some Trees

  1. Hey, thank you for the info about this cause… I keep adding links back to here on facebook.
    And enough of the “old girl:, thanks, Cookie :)

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