The Internet: She Go Crazy

It’s only been a few weeks, but there are already a few interesting stories emerging to set the tone for Internet 2002:

  • I thought I was getting more than my fair share of spam (junk e-mail) this year. Turns out there’s been a significant increase in the amount of useless email being channeled around the net. Appropriately, some idiot spammer is copping a pasting from the Internet spam-police, not so much because he sent his resume out to many people, but that he started threatening to sue anyone who complained that they didn’t want it. (Warning: link may contain strong language, adult concepts, violence, and traces of nuts)
  • It seems that there’ve also been more than a few websites dropping off BONWAG in the previous weeks, for some reason. They all seem to have come from ‘edu’ addresses. Could it be that the student pioneers of all the interesting websites which were created in the mid-late 90s have all gone out into the Big Wide World at the end of their university degrees and had their web accounts switched off? Just a theory.