Off To Join The Cirque; Us

We unwrapped a belated Christmas present today; Ainslie took us all to Cirque du Soleil‘s performance of ‘Alegria’ in Perth. I’d been curious about the contents of those huge white tents on the foreshore for a few months now, and was amazed at how much that small space fits in.
The show itself was incredible – beautiful and brilliant: if you’re not familiar with the Circus; it’s a touring Canadian troupe which performs without animals: the show is mainly about the abilities of some well-trained performers: tightrope; strongman, trapeze, acrobats etc. There are also the clowns; who probably work on a slightly higher artistic level than throwing buckets of confetti into the audience – but when they do, it’s a work of art.
The website gives you a good idea of what it looks like (if you’re not familiar with ‘Comedia Dellarte’).
Caleb and Allanah thought it was pretty amazing: those people sure know how to use a swing! The whole ‘in-the-round’ experience was pretty unique, as well.
We hope this is one of those circus experiences the kids will remember for quite a few years.
(Cos’ that’s how long it’ll take for us to save up for the next one…!)