My Sainted Internet

The Pope has praised the Internet, but says it needs more regulating because of the nature of some of it’s more harmful bits (a few spring to mind immediately). Of greater interest (to me, anyway) is the suggestion that the church is looking around for a ‘patron saint’ of the Internet.
Annnd the nominations are:

  • Isidor with an early laptopIsidor of Seville: (the shoe-in) an ‘an encyclopaedist of the Dark Ages’ credited with creating the world’s first database (EIPS)
  • Paul, Archangel Gabriel and Anthony of Padua, supposedly because people turn to them when they have lost something, (ABCNews)
  • San Pedro Regalado, a 15th-century global navigator who is believed to have appeared in two places at once (ABCNews)
  • Rita of Cascia, Phillip the Apostle, Padre Pio (Ananova)

Sidenote: The Vatican website uses three servers, rumoured to be named Raphael, Gabriel and Michael

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