The Queensland and Brisbane Floods via Social Media

It’s situations like the one being experienced by the Queenslanders *at the moment* where Social Media really comes into its own. Thanks to some committed netizens, presumably on dry land, there are number of sources where you can see and hear the Brisbane flood stories happening in real time.

Two real-time streams of Tweets regarding the floods:

Queensland Police are very active on Facebook, even live streaming their press conference

TwitPic shows the photos that are being tweeted from the scenes

UStream allows folk to stream video and audio from the source:

Some traffic cameras are showing the progress of people around the city, and some floodwaters

UPDATE: 4:28 Qld Time

Here’s what happened last time:

Update 23:50 Qld Time

Update Wed 4:37pm Qld Time

Update Thu 1:33am Qld Time