From the Mailbag: More about Skrobel

Today, we dip into the mailbag to answer this query from Jodie:

On checking out Scrobel [sic], I was amused and enjoyed a giggle of the years that have passed since I played the game.
I’m a little disappointed the the spelling is wrong of the game title. As I
don’t know who provided you with the info, and as you too claim
friendship with Darryl and Gary, I would be happy to hear from you if
you desire the correct spelling. Jodie.

Yes, Jodie – although we’ve had the page up for many years, and have actually had the inventors contribute, we’ve never questioned the spelling, which is kinda ironic. I too recall seeing this spelling somewhere, and am happy to update the pages.
It’s probably just as well, too. Other meanings for the original spelling have cropped up over the years, not all of them are family-friendly.
Thanks for setting us straight!