Bonwag’s New Life

It’s about the right time of year to get some long-neglected web projects out of the way:

  • Like finally updating the code behind the ‘latest/greatest’ section to point to Amazon’s new eCommerce system. No big deal, but it was lots of fun digging through some old, rotten SOAP programming and updating it for the 21st century.
  • Like finally updating the Family Tree to work again. I had some reformatting to do because of the new version of the genealogy software I use, and had neglected it for too long. I also had to remove some personal details that had crept in there by accident. Scarcely a week goes by that someone doesn’t email me with a distant link they have discovered. The internet rocks.

Some guys go out to the garage on their long weekends. I like to to keep the fingernails clean.