Do Not Be Annoying The Person

Looks like the geeks will have their day: mobile phones in planes.

I can’t say that I’m a fan, but I can see where the pressure has come from. By the time you’ve completed the various formalities of getting yourself on a plane, the plane in the air, and your airline meal in your lap, it’s the most waking hours most of us will spend out-of-contact.

I don’t begrudge travellers their fix, if there’s a way to provide the service without MAIKNG THE PLANE ASPLODE like we’ve been told all these years. (A danger when refuelling? Pah. Ban polyester.)

A few airlines are honest about the real reasons for the ban. On a recent Japan trip, Japan Air Lines told it how it is:

“Please do not use your mobile telephone as it will annoy the person”

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