PowerPoint Should Be Seen And Not Heard. Or Vice Versa. (Or, Better, Neither.)

Okay, it’s not just opinion now. Here are the FACTS. Scientific PROOF that PowerPoint rots your brain and makes you dumb.
Research Points The Finger At PowerPoint.

It is more difficult to process information if it is coming at you in the written and spoken form at the same time.

I especially like the way the church also attracts some collateral damage:

It also questions the wisdom of centuries-old habits, such as reading along with Bible passages, at the same time they are being read aloud in church. More of the passages would be understood and retained, the researchers suggest, if heard or read separately.

Okay, so be warned. If I’m in one of your presentations with my eyes closed – I’m not asleep – I’m just making sure I’m not distracted by the sight of you. If my eyes are open, I’m simply not listening to you.

One thought on “PowerPoint Should Be Seen And Not Heard. Or Vice Versa. (Or, Better, Neither.)

  1. (I was just skimming over the HAHS section when I noticed this article)
    You may remember science teacher Mr Pitt from your old HAHS days. Well, when this research eventuated it gave him a big fright, as this was exactly how he was teaching our class. Interesting research that, perhaps explaining why I’m performing so dismally in physics…

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