HAHS: A Hundred Years To The Day

I’m a little sad I didn’t get to the Centenary Service for Hurlstone today – a family celebration for Charlotte and a dodgy shoulder conspired to keep me away. I’m reliably informed there’s a brick with my name on it on the new Centenary Pathway which I’ll have to get to see at the next open day.

I’m interested to hear from folk who attended the service today – it looks like the weather was sensational, and I would have liked to catch up with other ‘Old Boys’ of both genders.

What happened? Anyone?

One thought on “HAHS: A Hundred Years To The Day

  1. Hey, Class of 07 here.
    I wasn’t there, but my sister (also a Hurlstonian) was – she played some punk music at the end with her band. She said no-one really listened to the music – there were a lot of ‘Old Boys’ catching up with each other and whatnot.
    The centenary bricks are all laid out in front of the cottage – there’s a plough on a pedestal as well, and they’ve moved the old bell that no-one ever uses there too. I wanna know where the school’s getting all these run-down ploughs – when you have enough to line a pathway, you have enough.
    I can’t really speak much for the Centenary Service, by the Centenary Assembly for students and teachers was interesting. There was a giant ‘Centenary Cake’ (Black Forest) that everyone got a piece of, cordial, and everyone got a ‘Centenary Medallion’.
    It was the usual speeches and such, and was held on the cottage lawn/Centenary pavers.

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