New Year’s Wrestleution

Okay, OK. That’s a pretty lame effort for 2006. 8 Posts. After 12 years, you’re allowed some down-time, but that’s probably a little too far down.
I’m not going to set a new year’s resolution to write more. I’m just going to do it. Like most bloggers, I waver between treating The Blog as testimonial or therapy. I probably could use more of that this year.
2006 has been a pretty mad year. In the space of 12 months:
* We moved from Perth to Sydney – and put the kids into a new school
* I changed jobs: from product management to marketing – I inherited *direct reports* for the first time!
* I continued the tradition of travelling to the US (only once, this time)
* We travelled as a family to Canberra, The Gold Coast and Hamilton Island (best family trip ever!)
* We hosted many friends and fellow families at our house, including Granny, Nanna, Jos, The Olsens and The Kamps for their Sydney holidays.
* We also hosted Christmas and Australia Day for the extended families
… and a few other things – eating, sleeping, stuck in traffic.
So, this year, I’m going to swing the balance back a little.
I’d like to do less documenting, and more things worth documenting.
If you’ve been wondering where all the posts have been – please check in with a quick comment so I know you’re also alive!
Happy New Calendar Year, everyone!

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