Australia’s Funniest Australia’s Funniest Home Videos

Anyone watching Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show this Saturday (May 27th) may notice there are more members of the Cook family sitting in the back row than there are usually.
We went around the corner to TCN9 in Sydney for a taping this week, and the kids (and Granny!) are quite proud of their new autographed AFHV hats. We’re pleased to report that Toni Pearen gets the fashion thumbs-up from Those That Know These Things – for the first time ever.
We liked ‘the video with the kid licking the glass’. I don’t know whether it’s the audience hype-up session, but I think it’s funnier to see these clips live, with an audience.
If you’re in Sydney, with an afternoon to spare, and you’re not made squeamish by repeated clips of people being hit in the groin or head, we’d recommend turning up. There aren’t that many locally produced televised gigglefests these days.
UPDATE: I’ve had a few people emailing me asking me for information about the show. Sorry, but I’m not connected to Channel 9 or AFHV in any way – best place to go is

8 thoughts on “Australia’s Funniest Australia’s Funniest Home Videos

  1. We always watch Australia’s Funniest home video show because it is so funny!
    We watch it while we eat our dinner and sometimes we laugh so much we nearly choke! It is a great show to watch if you like a bit of a laugh!{in which we do!}
    from the Dalton family!

  2. this show is the coolest show ever as elcoin said can there be cat videos beacuse i love them so much and less dog ones because catsrool oh and the host is “hot”

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