Hurlstone Reunited

There’s life! Hurlstone Agricultural High School Turns 100 in 2007, and it looks like a bunch of commemorative activities are planned. The official site seems to be back up and running, and has some details of what’s being planned. Colin Watts, from the class of ’78, has taken on some reunion planning. I’m glad to have discovered his Alumni site in the process, too.
If you’re an ex-Hurlstonian, You’d do well to send your details to the school to be kept informed of the centenary activities, sign up to the reunion page on Friends Reunited, or keep an eye on Colin’s Page.
Hoopra hoopra hoopra tap-a-go-yah!

3 thoughts on “Hurlstone Reunited

  1. Hi,
    I’m currently in year 11 at Hurlstone. Don’t forget to come to this year’s Country Fair (Saturday 26th August)!
    The student committee working on projects for the centenary celebration will have a stall open on the day to promote our cause and look for any support for the initiative. Specfically, we’re looking for anyone who would like to sponsor an informative plaque for various buildings around the school. It’d be great for ex-Hurlstonians drop by and see how much the school has changed (or not) since the time they were here. :)

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