Equal Opportunity

Sad to hear today of the passing of George Dantzig, a guy you might have heard about in an ‘urban legend‘ about positive thinking. I heard this story a few years ago, and was amazed to find out it was true.
Cutting the long story short, a maths student ‘accidentally’ solves some famous ‘unsolvable’ math problems as homework without realizing they had been challenging experts for years.
The moral of the story is that he may never have solved them, if he’d been aware of their reputation beforehand and become discouraged. More than a few sermon illustrations have thereby sprouted forth about the inherent power of positive thinking. (Or the serene beauty of blissful ignorance).
I don’t know if it’s all connected, but lot of mathematica is being resolved at the moment. We’ve finally completed the Star Wars movie numbering sequence (by inserting a ‘three’), and there seems to be a truce between the hot dog sausage and bun manufacturers to finally agree on portion sizes.
I can feel the Force balancing beneath my feet.