The Sixth ‘Sith’ Flick’s Wicked Sick, Isn’t It? (Six times quickly)

Life was a lot easier before I went over to the Dark Side.
Ainslie and I and the team at CA went to see ‘Revenge of the Sith’ tonight. I think it’s the best film of the lot, and a very satisfying conclusion to the Star Wars story. Many things make more sense. Many other things make less sense.
But darn you, George Lucas, for turning the simple ‘good versus evil’ story of “A New Hope” (aka:: ‘The First One’) into part of a complicated web of lies, deceit and fuzzy morality. Finally, the ‘certain point of view’ lines trotted out in ‘Empire Strikes Back’ (‘The Second One’) make sense. Kind of. How dare you rescue nuance from the shambolic plot development of Episodes 1 and 2.
(Incidentally, I still haven’t figured out how Luke eventually balanced the force by destroying a lot of Imperial hardware in “Return” instead of just cutting the Emperor’s head off when he had the chance. Still some weirdness in the story there. But hey.)
And also, darn you, Lucas, for making Darth Vader a sympathetic character. I could rest easy in the illusion that he, like all despots and evildoers, was evil incarnate from the day he was born. It’s easier that way. Please don’t try to make me understand that people can decide to ‘turn’ evil, and are capable of being redeemed at some future point. That’s just not the way it works.
…In movies.
George, I’m still not convinced that you had a six story arc in mind. At least, not until sometime after ‘Return of the Jedi’ (The Third One) was in the can. But, darn you for turning the first three instalments (Episodes 4,5, and 6) into completely different movies. I’ll need to sit down this weekend and catch up. Can I bunk at your place?
UPDATE: If you’re being bugged by the younglings to let them see it, I highly recommend this ‘Parent’s Guide‘ about the movie. Beware the spoilers.

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  1. I have to admit similar thoughts Dave. Straight after ROTS (probably even before the end) I was thinking now I have to get 4-6 on DVD and rewatch them in order to reinterept it all again!

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