Dave’s Brakeslam Tour – Day Six – Melbourne

With all the seminars complete, here endeth the adventure. Today, I delivered the final seminar, and had an opportunity to catch up with a client at the Belgian Beer Cafe, on St Kilda Road. The unique thing here is the rigmarole the bartenders go through to clean the glasses for you, in front of you. It’s the sort of attention to cleanliness I only adhere to with the WRX. It’s all very civilised and lovely sitting outside in some wonderful Melbourne weather.
I highly recommend the practice of ‘Lightning Leave’, as I’ve called it – someone’s probably made money out of calling it something differently in an executive management book somewhere. Ainslie told me about the concept when kidnapping me earlier this year. It’s where you take only a few days out of your schedule to completely divorce from your work routine, rather than try to distance yourselves over a period of weeks. The theory goes that it’s easier to ‘shut down’ when you’re only away from work for a few days and are able to recover quickly, than to plan a major getaway which requires weeks of planning and recovery either side, and another week of ‘winding down’. The fact that you’re ‘switching off’ almost completely during the time you’re away means that you return refreshed and ready to get stuck back in. That’s not to say I’m going to do away completely with the weeks-long holiday concept, but getting away from it all for a four day weekend every now and again is something I’ll be doing a lot more from here on. It’s been a good break.
Back to the tasks at hand.