Another Day, Another ‘Day’

Just when you thought we’d exhausted the various ‘days’ for raising money for charity (Red Noses, Jeans for Genes, Daffodil Day, etc, etc…). Good old Wallace and Gromit come up with a new one – Wallace is a mad keen inventor, after all.
It’s a shame ‘Wrong Trousers Day‘ is only being celebrated in the UK. Nonetheless, be on the look out for poor trouser fashion choices come July 2. Be sure to point and shout proudly “It’s The Wrong Trousers!”

One thought on “Another Day, Another ‘Day’

  1. When yelling, “It’s the wrong trousers” you just need to be careful that the wearer considers them to be the right trousers.
    I’ve seen some pretty strange things being worn in the name of fashion.

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