I Find Life Is Easier The Lower I Keep Everyone’s Expectations

It’s an axiom I often share with those who care to listen. Borrowed from Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes), it’s simply saying that if you do too good a job, people start expecting that from you all the time.
So, continuing the theme of ‘art within tight boundaries’, here’s a great example – not only of the danger of setting a goal too high, but also of extending the envelope so far that people start to doubt if it’s the genuine article. This guy has been perfecting ‘etch-a-sketch art ‘for many years, and has (allegedly) been getting accolades about the quality of his work. I’d like to think that some of these works were examples of real, intensive, knob-twiddling effort, but take a look – they’re just too darn good. Perfect, almost.
Hoax or Hero? I have my opinion.