What’s Hot 2004

Today was the traditional ‘Back to School’ last minute rush – a few dozen books to cover, some school uniforms to try on, bags to pack. This is Charli’s first ‘proper school’ year (Pre Primary) – and the first year all the Cook kids are in uniform. We enter a new phamily phase tomorrow.
I remember back to the days we raided Nanna’s Women’s Weeklies for the school book stickers and argued over who was going to get the Sesame Street ones. These days, we’ve used the internet and some label sheets, so there’s no disappointment. The last few days we’ve asked the kids to assemble their lists of favourite characters so we can put them on their book covers for the coming year.
I’ve reprinted them below as a kind of cultural barometer of ‘What’s Hot With 4-8 year Olds This Year’. You may find it useful.
Caleb (8 Years)
* Ash from Pokemon (3rd year at number one!) – Pokemon Ruby
* ‘Blue Eyes White Dragon’ and Yu-gi-oh from Yu-gi-oh
* Hercules, Hades and Pegasus from Hercules (Disney)
* Sora, Donald and Goofy (and assorted bad guys) from ‘Kingdom Hearts 2’ (again this year)
* Ray from Ghostbusters
* ‘The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything’ and Kalil from Veggie Tales
Notably absent: Beyblades and Digimon – which aren’t cool any more, apparently.
Allanah (7 years)
* Carmen from Spy Kids 3D (again this year)
* Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (formerly of Full House, now a bunch of other stuff)
* The Saddle Club (again this year)
* Alicia Morton as Annie (of the 1999 movie version)
* Wendy and Peter from Peter Pan (the latest movie, not the cartoon)
* Tweety from Looney Tunes
* Jimmy Neutron
* Shrek and Donkey
* Veggie Tales
* Danny and Sandy from Grease
* Anne of Green Gables
* Kenai and Koda from Brother Bear
* Tess and Anna from Freaky Friday
* Hilary Duff from Lizzie McGuire
* Cast of ‘Cheaper By the Dozen’
* Hello Kitty
* 101 Dalmatians
* Alice In Wonderland
* Jessie from Toy Story
* Spirit (as a foal) from ‘Spirit – Stallion of the Cimarron’
Notably missing this year – Barbie, Powerpuff Girls, Nikki Webster, and Harry Potter
Charli (4.5 years)
* Kenai and Koda from Brother Bear
* Blizzard the Bunny
* Marlin and Dory from Finding Nemo
* Baby Pea from Veggie Tales