More Cheap Tricks

I don’t know how long it’s been since I set foot in a public library. It must be a fair while ago, because I found myself struggling with the whole concept of ‘free knowledge’ today. I’ve become so used to handing money to anyone behind a counter that I spent the first few minutes of today’s visit feeling slightly guilty for taking advantage of the facilities. Free Internet Access? You mean I can just read stuff without buying it?
Then I thought back to my most recent council rates notice, pulled up a chair and started drinking deep with a crystal clear concience.
Yes, yet again, another educational experience for the kids on the holidays. And again, more entertainment value in a couple of hours among the shelves than a whole day at Timezone. Spearwood Public Library had put on a ‘Dragon Quest’ today, where the kids completed scavenger hunts for information throughout the library, and won a prize at the end for completing the secret phrase. (I like the thinking behind one of the prizes in the pack – a blank exercise book, so you could write your own…)
Any other ideas for guilt-free, cost-free, fun kids outings?