Learning? On a School Holiday?

One of the great advantages of a job which involves telecommuting is the huge lunch-hours you get to spend with the family. Today was one of those days I wouldn’t have swapped for anything.
Ainslie suggested I take the kids for a trip to the museum for a school holiday trip, and I’m glad I did. It was such a treat to see the kids, who’d been huddled over a PlayStation for a good part of the morning, leaping from stuffed Elk to dinosaur bone with barely contained glee. I only half-heartedly berated them for their volume – why would you want to snuff out that sort of thirst for knowledge? One of the staff watching from the corner seemed quietly pleased as each of them called me over to each new exhibit as quiet-loudly as they could (good thing I’m still young enough to know everything).
After we’d seen everything and done a few activities, we emerged only a few dollars lighter, and significantly richer for the experience.
It’s not a slow time at work at the moment, and I’ll be catching up on some of the time lost for the next day or so, but when the kids took time out (between belting out Guy Sebastian songs in the car on the way home) to say a heartfelt thanks for the outing, I knew that I’d made the right investment today.

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