Better Than Real Life

The days which science-fiction foretold – where people would prefer retreating to a virtual world rather than put up with the real – are drawing closer. While watching a TV special on Andre Bocelli’s latest recording (one of today’s great tenor singers), the introductory commentary made the observation that the camerawork and landscapes featured in the programme were truly beautiful. “So much so,” it said “that sometimes you think you’re watching computer graphics.”.
Er; shouldn’t it be the other way around? When did we stop aspiring to have computer graphics look as good as the real thing? When did they start getting better than the real thing?
And on the topic of computer-assisted creativity; I’m having a hard time believing that Kate Winslet’s new single (she sings! she acts! she scores!) isn’t silicon-enhanced. It just sounds too perfect.
And that sort of cynicism is all too easy. It’s sad that these days, in arts just as in sport, your best efforts can be called into question, just because the tools are getting too darned good.