The Christmas Show 2001

And once again, we’re proud of our performers, Caleb and Allanah, who were part of Mater Christi Primary School‘s Christmas Show for this year. They’ve been practicing long and hard for two terms now, and the show was well worth all the effort. A great, professional production. Caleb was a sailor as part of a ‘Yellow Sumbarine’ number, and Allanah had an ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellw Polka Dot Bikini’ which she wore for the first time today. Suffice to say that she wasn’t afraid to come out of the water; she’s a natural on-stage, so we’ll have to make sure we get the video archived away for her later career in dance or theatre. Granny got to see the Matinee today, and Mum and Dad went tonight. Well done, everyone!