Quidditch/You’ve missed the train

A few points about the Harry Potter craziness at the moment (people banning/burning/bitching about the books):

  • If you’re up in arms about the contents of the Harry Potter books, why weren’t you out marching years back when the first Potter book found its way onto school library shelves, rather than now, after the Coca-Cola deals are being signed?
  • Would anyone really sit and *watch* a game like Quidditch? Did JK Rowling really think the scoring system through? A single ‘goal’ – completely unrelated to the main activity of the game – could effectively end the entire match after 5 minutes, or 5 weeks. If you have two evenly-matched sides playing each other, the closest possible outcome is 150-nil. It’s the equivalent of holding a chess match and awarding the prize based on the competitors’ fashion sense. Not since the French mangled the tennis scoring systems have we had to cope with such a strange new world of maths.

For more info; the old Harry Potter Home Page is a nice-looking site for the movie.
P.S.: Quote of the week from Caleb; on hearing the controversy about the Harry Potter books and discussing the pros and cons:
“C’mon; it’s just a book. Oh – and a movie.”