New York: Saturday Night

Now that America’s day of Prayer and Remembrance has passed for the victims of the terrorist attacks, talk here is turning to war. It’s the next logical stage in the grieving process, of course. (I hope they can hold it off until I’m back home, because it just means more uncertainty in the air).

I have a tentative airline booking for Australia for tomorrow night, so I hope that pans out; Airlines are only just getting back up and running, but they say their schedules in the US will never get back to normal. There’s already talks of huge layoffs at the airlines, so I guess the ratbags have won this round.

America is building up to some sort of battle. I can’t imagine it will be anything like we’ve seen before, and I can’t imagine how it can be done in such a way to sate the growing rage of Americans. No one’s dared contemplate it, yet, but I can’t see how anything less than the public execution of the guy everyone thinks is responsible will be enough.

People are no longer gathering around TVs and absorbing every word of the broadcasts, like they used to. At least in this hotel, people are playing golf and attending wedding receptions, with a passing glance at the TV sets. There has been no news today; no survivors rescued, no new bad news, either. More flags line the streets and halls, and the weather is finally back to brilliant. The word ‘normalcy’ is bandied about on the news broadcasts a little more frequently. But there’s still smoke where the towers should be. Once that’s gone, and the space where the towers used to be is sky….

A slow day to report; other than washing. For once in my life I had programmed my business clothes baggage to perfection, and now I have an extra couple of days. My greatest fear is that I’ll be called to go to the airport before all my washing is dried!

It’s now more than 24 hours since I was supposed to be boarding a flight to Perth. My Palm Pilot keeps updating me on where I should be; I had programmed reminders for each of my flights, so each time it beeps, I’m reminded how far I am from home right now. I hope I get a final booking before it reminds me that I should be in Perth.

I wish I was. Ainslie has had some bad news about her sister’s health, so I should be at home to give her support.

Only a day late, but counting.