New York: Thursday Night

American flags and rosettes line the streets here, as the US prepares to observe a national day of Remembrance and Prayer.

The tide is also turning. People are turning off the TV and turning away from the sustained horror of the whole story. Sadness upon sadness; as people turn to the TV and the walls of New York to post pictures of their missing loved ones and make impassioned pleas for their return, they are all starting to blur together and people are turning to each other for support and comfort.
It’s starting to rain outside the hotel window now. That can’t be helping the rescue effort.

Our training course is complete here; people have wedged themselves into whatever vehicles they can find and planned a circuitous route out of New York, back to their homes and family in all corners of the US.

I’m still waiting for word of my return flight to Australia; I may not be getting out of the US on Friday evening as originally planned. I might have to find some ground transport to the other side of the country and try to find a flight in Los Angeles (suspect characters are still trying to use NY airport and getting arrested). As far as I know, they are still tightening security at the airport, but I’d prefer to be late than *late*, if you know what I mean. Maybe a road trip across the US might be interesting. I wish it was a sightseeing run, rather than an exodus.