Mobile Phone Users Beware

August 15: Apparently this is not a hoax; it sounds feasable enough, but Telstra and Optus are warning that:

Please be aware that there is a new hoax message circulating that is transmitted as a SMS text message on mobile phones.
The SMS message reads similar to: “Please call me on 09011500065 Urgent – From KB”.
It is recommended that you do not call this number. This is a premium phone line that charges $5 per minute. When called, you will get an engaged tone. This is not a real engaged tone, but a recorded sound. Callers who redial will be charged the $5 fee for each attempt.
The SMS message has apparently been generated from an overseas source. Optus and Telstra are currently looking into whether these messages can be blocked. In the meantime, users are urged to delete the message and make any family, friends, or colleagues aware of the problem.

Let’s hope this isn’t the start of something big…