Hurlstone Reunited

There’s life! Hurlstone Agricultural High School Turns 100 in 2007, and it looks like a bunch of commemorative activities are planned. The official site seems to be back up and running, and has some details of what’s being planned. Colin Watts, from the class of ’78, has taken on some reunion planning. I’m glad to have discovered his Alumni site in the process, too.
If you’re an ex-Hurlstonian, You’d do well to send your details to the school to be kept informed of the centenary activities, sign up to the reunion page on Friends Reunited, or keep an eye on Colin’s Page.
Hoopra hoopra hoopra tap-a-go-yah!

More ‘Hurlstone In The News’

This one’s got me angry.
Seems that some feeble-minded halfwits decided to create an anonymous website bagging the teachers at my old school, Hurlstone, and caused a lot of distress and bureaucratic paper-shuffling in the process.
Listen up, you dimbulbs. It’s bad enough that you misspell ‘dispicible’ and ‘theif’, but when you give journalists reason to use the lame term ‘Throwstones‘, you’ve got a lot to answer for.
Rest assured, you’ll have nowhere to hide when you’re found out, my friends.

Snow Days 2003

Those of us from the Hurlstone “Class of ’88” will still recall the bitter disappointment we felt at being one of the only group of Year 11s (1987) to miss out on the infamous end-of-year ‘Snow Trip’. As was their wont in those days, teachers decided to strike/work-to-rule that year, so there was no trip, and no consolation prize.
Which explains why, 15 years later, I am a bitter, twisted wreck of a man.
If you’re reading this from my old class, and can remember those days still, here’s an idea: let’s go anyway. We’re all grown up now. We don’t need no stinkin’ permission slips. 16 years after tasting how cruel the world can be, let’s go back to the way it was meant to be. Maybe even hire a bus and leave from Glenfield.
Whaddaya say? Post a comment if you’re interested.