Snow Days 2003

Those of us from the Hurlstone “Class of ’88” will still recall the bitter disappointment we felt at being one of the only group of Year 11s (1987) to miss out on the infamous end-of-year ‘Snow Trip’. As was their wont in those days, teachers decided to strike/work-to-rule that year, so there was no trip, and no consolation prize.
Which explains why, 15 years later, I am a bitter, twisted wreck of a man.
If you’re reading this from my old class, and can remember those days still, here’s an idea: let’s go anyway. We’re all grown up now. We don’t need no stinkin’ permission slips. 16 years after tasting how cruel the world can be, let’s go back to the way it was meant to be. Maybe even hire a bus and leave from Glenfield.
Whaddaya say? Post a comment if you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “Snow Days 2003

  1. Hey Cookie,
    Don’t worry, they cancelled on us too! By ’92, they even obliterated the good old “stir day” for us, threatening us with police presence if we turned up on school grounds!
    If I recall correctly, I think class of ’91 got their snow trip (1990 year 11), but I think it was their year that stuffed it for the rest of us – I think they cancelled the snow trip altogether after that.

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