Editorial: Whales vs. Boats vs. Bureaucrats vs. Brigands

Whale Wars
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The main reason this whole thing sounds like a TV show is that it IS a TV Show based on the shifting fortunes of a celebrity-centered fundraising organisation. Complete with expensive flying robot camera coverage.

Interesting to note that Animal Planet is hinting that this might be the last season for the mission’s reality show. A cynic might suggest that a manufactured series of desperate, headline-grabbing incidents – captured exclusively by the embedded television crew – would stave off the axe, and the lucrative sponsorships, for a year or two. It’s not like the captain is shy about his ‘interventionist’ approach to activism.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, the Japanese whaling industry isn’t glistening with rectitude over its admissions that part of the Tsunami relief funds have been redirected into the whaling industry, ostensibly to help revive the fortunes of the devastated city of Ishinomaki.