Mapping the Devastation and the Loss

It’s hard to get your head around the impact of the Victorian Bushfires, especially for those of us in other parts of the world. Leaving aside the terrible human tragedy, with hundreds of lives lost, the fires of the last few days have destroyed a massive chunk of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage.

NASA has posted a series of images of the fires from space.

The CSIRO/Geoscience Australia has battled to keep the ‘Sentinel‘ site alive, which the emergency services themselves use to plan their response. It shows what the current situation is, within a few hours.

And, most poignantly, Google Maps Mania has a timely post, which uses Google Street View to show you what the country towns looked like before the disaster of the past weekend.

UPDATE: Google has released their own dedicated page to display an up-to-date map based on CFA updates.

UPDATE: Amazing photos published by The Boston Globe, of all places.