I Can See My House From Here II

It must be my birthday! Finally, Google Street View is available in Australia. And, like many people, the first place I googled was My Place.
And, thankfully, we passed our secret digital muster – no-one was out front doing anything they weren’t supposed to be doing. The lawn was presentable. As near as I can tell, it was taken at the start of the year.
This is a pretty amazing effort by Google. A large chunk of WA has been photographed at street-view, not just Perth. Now we can go for a virtual drive about the state, if we want to.
Team Street View with Google Earth, and you have a pretty amazing 3D representation of Earth, from both Space and Street. If I can’t have a jetpack, this is probably the next best thing.
I still don’t understand how they’re making any money, but I really enjoy the way Google throws this stuff out there for free. I wish them lots of success – whatever that means for them.
I still vividly remember a geography class in 1986 in which the teacher was explaining the shortfalls in map projection and why, for world maps to really be rendered correctly, someone would have to invent a book that allowed a globe to pop out of the page so you could see the world in three dimensions. I’d like to go back and study geography, now, please.
So, how did your place fare?

One thought on “I Can See My House From Here II

  1. Amazingly, even our place in the bush 40km outside Canberra is photographed. Thanks to a 100m driveway, we also pass digital muster :-)

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