Geraldton’s Batavia Blow-ins

Wow. Someone’s finally woken up to the Batavia story and written a feature film about it.

I headed up the newsroom for 98FM in Geraldton for a while in the early 90s. Not a week passed that there wasn’t some angle about the Batavia, or the wreck, or the ship’s discoverers, or some new snippet of information about the grisly history out at the Abrolhos islands. A story of duelling museum curators may not sound like much, but in a place where wind and wheat rule, it’s news.

So, Hollywood is coming to Cow Town. The Guardian won’t know what to do with itself.

Now, if only someone would do something about getting the (far, far more interesting) Catalpa story onto the big screen, WA would be all set. Who needs a resources boom?